What's with the confessions?

2013-04-05 02:55:08 by Gede

I was looking audio forums over here and just saw there are some guys confessing.. Very weird thing for advertising..

And I turned 19 a couple days ago :)


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2013-04-05 03:40:44

Some guys confessing what? :/

Happy Birthday!

Gede responds:

Thanks. Check out my work! Maybe you like what you hear! :)


2013-04-05 09:03:15

yea man confessing what?
theyve gone mad?
shit themselfs? (no offense)
pissed themselfs? (no offense)

and happy happy very happy B-day!! youuu tuhurned 19 lololol ;D
oh and btw i wasn't here to tell u to check mah new demo out but now im here,
will u do the favor!? and check out "Jamaica Dawn"

Gede responds:

Check the forums to see what they were confessing about. :D

I will do the favor because I have atm nothing else to do. :)


2013-04-05 16:40:15

April fools day was what the confessions were. Nothing serious.

Gede responds:

Thanks for telling. So that's why--